DUI Offenses

You are not a hardened criminal and should not be treated like one. Sometimes bad things do happen to good people. However, with the severity of penalties and fines for a DUI conviction in Georgia, it is in your best interest to have a dedicated lawyer on your side.


At Debrow Law, we handle a wide variety of DUI charges, including underage DUI charges involving alcohol and drugs. We work hard to provide families and all of our clients with the thorough and effective DUI defense they deserve. Your future is important to us.


While DUIs may seem insurmountable, it is possible to successfully challenge them under the law. DUI arrests are fraught with potential procedural misconduct by the arresting officer and others.


Some defenses that our DUI lawyers may be able to use include:

• Lack of probable cause: If the arresting officer had no legitimate reason to stop your vehicle, any subsequent action is unconstitutional, and the charge may be thrown out.

• Rising blood alcohol defense: The level of alcohol in your blood continues to rise for a period of time after you drink. It is possible to show that while your results when tested were over the legal limit, at the time you were driving your BAC was less than .08.

• “No-driving” defense: If the arresting officer arrived and you were not in your vehicle at the time, it may be difficult for the prosecution to prove that you were the one driving.

In addition to DUI, we help our clients fight back against a variety of alcohol-related charges, including:

• Public intoxication

• Minor in possession of alcohol

• Sale of alcohol to a minor

• Contributing to delinquency of a minor



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