Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crime cases can be seriously damaging to the future of your child. You do not want your child to spend time incarcerated with actual juvenile delinquents; sometimes kids are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Debrow Law has experience dealing with the Georgia juvenile justice system.


Debrow Las has helped many families deal with juvenile charges in a way that allows the child to move forward with his or her life. We want to help you keep your child out of trouble and out of juvenile hall. Contact Debrow Law today to discuss your child’s unique circumstances.


Common juvenile charges that Debrow Law has handled include:

• Assault

• Drug Crimes

• Property damage / Vandalism

• Theft

• Underage DUI


Many juvenile crimes are the result of a severe lack of judgment, not serious criminal intent. Debrow Law wants to make sure that your child receives the second chance at life that he or she deserves



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