Theft Crimes

If you are facing charges for theft or fraud, a conviction may have negative ramifications for the rest of your life. In addition to the stain on your criminal record, a conviction could make it difficult to find gainful employment in the future.


If you have been arrested for theft or fraud, Debrow Law is ready to stand up for you and protect your rights. These cases require a special approach, and Debrow Law is ready to thoroughly investigate your situation and craft a solid strategy for winning your case and preserving your rights.


We do whatever it takes to give our clients the best chance at a positive result in their case. When necessary, we consult with financial experts, forensic accountants and other experts in order to create a strategy for weakening the prosecution’s case. In some cases, we are able to reach agreements with prosecutors that include a payment plan in exchange for lesser sentences or dismissal of charges.


We are equipped to represent theft charges of any nature, including:

• Auto Theft

• Bank Fraud

• Bribery

• Check Fraud

• Computer Crimes

• Embezzlement

• False Statements

• Grand Theft

• Identity Theft

• Insurance Fraud

• Perjury

• Petty Theft

• Receiving Stolen Property



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